About Rinasa

With its many year heritage, Rinasa is among the world's most recognised luxury brands. The brand's democratic positioning allows the company to operate in retail and wholesale channels across the globe. Our teams design, market and sell a broad range of luxury women's and men's apparel and accessory products, including the iconic trench coat. As a  composite  company, Rinasa attracts talented employees from many nations and diverse backgrounds. Alongside our brand, Rinasa's entrepreneurial team is its key asset.'
- Michal Kwiatkowski, CEO


Rinasa is proud to be an Iconic Paris brand with a global reach, dedicated to creating timeless style and delivering personalised luxury service. You will always find a warm and genuine welcome when you visit a Rinasa store as a customer, and we want our team to feel the same about their experience working for Rinasa. Rinasa recruits individuals who have strong creative talents, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for the Brand. We do half of our business in wholesale markets and half in our own stores; at every point, Rinasa team members uphold the 5 core strategies of our business and look to the Brand as our Beacon. Such a group of like-minded individuals with diverse skills leads to an incredibly collaborative, energetic workplace.

Rinasa is committed to attracting, retaining and developing world class talent. We offer competitive performance driven packages including healthcare, a pension, a considerable staff discount and the opportunity to volunteer with the Rinasa Foundation, the Company’s registered charity. Our investment in our executives includes opportunities for professional development and internal promotions. Proud of a diverse workforce, Rinasa recruits purely on the basis of skills and experience and without regard to sex, race, ethnic origin, nationality, marital status, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Rinasa is a global employer, with a Head Office based in Paris and opportunities throughout our regions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We offer opportunities at all levels throughout the global organisation, from creative functions including Design and Marketing to front of house Wholesale and Retail sales positions to back of house operations such as Finance and IT.

We also offer placements and work experience opportunities for students seeking valuable industry experience.